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At FMG, we’re dedicated to delivering diverse investment opportunities that meet the highest standards of Syariah compliance, regulatory approval, and financial performance. All our projects have received approval from the Securities Commission (SC), ensuring a secure, transparent, and reliable investment landscape for our clientele ...
We cater to the Sophisticated Investor – individuals who appreciate financial intricacies, conduct due diligence, and consider their risk tolerance, risk appetite, and risk profile before investing.

Paving Your Path to Prosperity and
Legacy Protection. Your financial future
is our foremost concern. Here’s why you
should choose FMG.

In the intricate world of finance, making the right choices can be overwhelming. At FMG, we take pride in simplifying this journey for you. Here’s why you should choose us ...

Your Financial Partner in Ethical Wealth Creation

In the intricate world of finance, making the right choices can be overwhelming. At FMG, we take pride in simplifying this journey for you. Here’s why you should choose us:

Customised Financial Plans and Savings Solutions:

We understand that each individual’s financial goals and situations are unique. That’s why we offer a variety of financial plans and savings solutions, each crafted to address the needs of our customers throughout Malaysia.

Personalised Advisory Service:

We believe that investment is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. We take the time to understand your investment preferences and risk appetite. Our advisors then tailor their recommendations to suit your financial goals and comfort levels.

Syariah-Compliant Investments:

As a steadfast follower of Islamic principles, we offer investment options like the Islamic Redeemable Preference Share (I-RPS), which provides flexibility and worthwhile returns while remaining Syariah-compliant.

Ethical Wealth Creation:

With FMG, your investments do more than just grow your wealth. We guide you on a journey of ethical wealth creation, enabling you to contribute positively to society and leave a lasting legacy.
Choosing FMG means embracing a financial partner that respects your values, understands your needs, and works tirelessly to help you achieve your financial goals. Together, let’s pave the path to a prosperous and secure future.

Our Investment Portfolio

Islamic Redeemable Preference
Shares (I-RPS)

Offering flexibility and growth, I-RPS provides an appealing pathway
to benefit from the expanding global Islamic finance sector.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

REITs offer an affordable and accessible route into property investment. By investing in REITs, you’re acquiring shares in corporations that own prime real estate properties, diversifying your portfolio while enjoying a steady income stream through dividends.

Private Equity

Amid increased allocations to alternative investments and strong returns, private equity has rapidly grown. Private equity, an investment type not listed on a stock exchange, has proved lucrative, particularly during periods of high stock market performance and low-interest rates.

Private Placement

Private placement, the sale of securities to a select group of investors, offers a unique opportunity for investment. These offerings are often directed to friends and family, accredited investors, and institutional investors, providing a tailored investment pathway.

Savings & Investments

Our comprehensive investment platforms ensure a comfortable future. With strategic and prudent investments, secure your financial future today.

Future Savings: Whatever your life goal, we have a plan tailored to you. With our range of flexible plans, realize your dreams and achieve your life goals.

Our distinguished leadership, in collaboration with esteemed individuals like Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar ensures our offerings are on par with the industry’s best.

With FMG, navigate the investment landscape with confidence, knowing your wealth is not only growing but also contributing to a sustainable world. Explore our
portfolio and embark on your prosperous financial journey.

Soaring Towards Greater Heights

As FMG continues to push boundaries and redefine industry standards, we’re thrilled to offer a glimpse into our future endeavours. While we can’t reveal all just yet, let’s just say the sky isn’t our limit.
Stay tuned for a groundbreaking venture that promises to elevate both our portfolio and your expectations.

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Dive into the exciting world of high-yield investment opportunities with our Biodiesel project offering up to double digit% dividend per annum. Secure your spot in our upcoming Zoom briefing session, where you’ll gain exclusive insights and have all your queries addressed by our seasoned investment strategists.

Let’s explore the path to your financial prosperity together.
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